Symboliv Violence

Izolyatsia provided us with some interesting lectures. One was about symbolic violence. Brigitte Piquard, professor at Oxford Brookes University, worked in several conflict zones such as in Colombia and the Palestinian city Hebron. She is researcher and lecturer on the topic of Symbolic Violence.

Symbolic violence is defined as a “soft, insensible, form of violence, exercised mainly by purely symbolic channels of communication and knowledge“ (Pierre Bourdieu).

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UKR cross point

We are standing on a cross point in the eastern part of Mariupol, about 8 km out of the centre. Here is the edge of town. Here the meadows start, that at a certain point will become the battle front.

The driver is joking: ‘What shall we do? Back to the hotel? Or prefer going to Russa? Russia is closer.’



I have been called a spy quite a few times in the suburbs. People not knowing what I was doing. Especially when I was taking pictures. The older generation does not understand our project. And maybe they are not very interested either. At least they will not talk to a spy… And no of course I was not allowed to take a picture of them. I am sorry.

UKR Live AU map

Nobody saw this war coming. Nobody was prepared for it. But now that it is there, a lot of information can be found. For example the website where there is constant update of military or international political developments. So every day few hours check my email, my facebook, and my favourite war-website…

The front line is not very far away. The last few weeks it was pretty quiet in this region, but yesterday there were some fights again. A soldier was killed, the website says by showing the blue face. I will never get used to this.