fulco treffers: august 7

UKR inslagThere we are, in the most eastern part of town. Some kind of war tourism. This is the place where the shelling was, last January. Civilians were killed. Houses were damaged. All of these windows were broken. Mainly I am quiet. I don’t feel capable of starting a nice conversation here.

As far as I can see life starts being more and more normal again. But the fear will stay I guess. These apartments are the closest to the front.

The apartments are partly empty. They are being sold for a couple of thousand dollars to speculators waiting for better times. They will buy everything. Almost everything. For in some of the advertisements they tell they are not interested in apartments ‘with a view on the fields’…

With an enourmous group of volunteers the first aid was being granted by giving a place to sleep, food, clothes, blankets and mental help. Civilians have a lot of support from each other, more than the government provides. A part of the millions that have been labelled for help and reconstruction has been stolen. Lawsuits will start soon, but the money is gone.