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Symbolic Violence

Symboliv Violence

Izolyatsia provided us with some interesting lectures. One was about symbolic violence. Brigitte Piquard, professor at Oxford Brookes University, worked in several conflict zones such as in Colombia and the Palestinian city Hebron. She is researcher and lecturer on the topic of Symbolic Violence.

Symbolic violence is defined as a “soft, insensible, form of violence, exercised mainly by purely symbolic channels of communication and knowledge“ (Pierre Bourdieu).

When there are acts of symbolic violence it is justifying the existence of injustice, marginalisation, exclusion, domination and discrimination through a process of normalization.

Her research made clear that it is possible to reducing the impact of symbolic violence. The nine main ingredients for this are: education, home attachment, activism, livelihoods, environment, community cohesion, connection, art & communication, and moments of exception.