Press conference, Stop, Rooftop and Bunker architecture

UKR pressPress conference
A lot of cameras, microphones and press about the coming project in Mariupol. We didn’t even start yet!

2015-07-09 14.48.54
No idea how I will capture this trip to (eastern) Ukraine. Close to the conflict zone. The tension is there when you talk to people, but images of the scenery are not as bad as expected.
Except for this picture that is stuck inside my head. Therefor I am hearing the same reggae song in my head all day. And again this morning.

UKR fransesco lobo rooftop group

picture credits: Fransesco Lobo

You will just get creative if needed
When there is less to do. When there is less money. When you are urban planner.
For how do former architecture students in Mariupol show their town to a bunch of foreigners? By taking them to a 9  storeys high rooftop illegally. With some PET bottles full of beer.

UKR bunker pattern

Latest newly built buildings just outside of Mariupol