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Photo Justin Tyler Tate

After an entertaining 20-hour long train journey from Kyiv, the residents of Architecture Ukraine are back in Mariupol for the follow up field trip to complete their site study. This will allow them to calibrate their project ideas before submitting the final concept proposals.

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After 5 days in Mariupol this footage is put together as a visual notebook and a starting point for a documentary movie being shot in the city later this year during the Izolyatsia AU residency program.

Recently put in the spotlight due to the current conflict between pro-Russian and Ukrainian forces it is a stronghold of the Donetsk region but also a very unique city that is struggling with adaptation to an extreme situation.


The Architecture Ukraine residency project continues to hold open lectures on related topics. On Saturday, July 25, anthropologist at Oxford Brookes University in England, Brigitte Piquard held a lecture titled Observing Symbolic Violence. Symbolic Violence, Resilience and Spaces in Conflict-affected areas.

Brigitte Piquard research the obstacles and barriers that divide people and form zones of exclusion and discrimination. These borders can be physical (walls, architectural structures, roadblocks) as well as symbolic (discrimination, violations of human rights, etc).

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Spatial Codes is a blog analysing the correlation between graphic design and urban space. By analyzing the process of cognition, memory and perception, space and its societal structures and dynamics can be recognized. To understand cities, urban spaces and their dynamics we have to learn to see how these entities receive and use their environment. This is what we think is the visual language of space.

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On Tuesday, July 21, three residents of the Architecture Ukraine project – METASITU (Liva Dudareva (Latvia) and Eduardo Cassina (Spain) / architecture, urbanism; Justin Tyler Tate (USA/Canada) / art; Lucia Maffei (Italy) / architecture – talked about their previous projects, ideas and experiences.

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Today we finally reviewed our reflections, findings and thoughts about Mariupol and our ideas on how to intervene with the city. All the residents had a chance to learn about each others projects. AU reviews are an important part of the residency project. We aim to review the progress of the residency projects weekly and have in depth discussions on topics such as urbanism, public space and the city, architecture, life in conflict zones and others. Its about sharing ideas to learn more about Ukraine and its particularities. We are looking forward to reviews with our first external experts next week.

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