Azov Sea, yellow and blue, plastic bags

picture credits: Justin Tyler Tate

picture credits: Justin Tyler Tate

Today I swam in the Azov Sea. I can take that off my bucket list. The beach where we were is about an hour drive from Mariupol. So everything was a lot cleaner than in the city itself, where all the steel factories dump their waste into the river and the sea. But anyway, for coral and special species you really don’t need to come to this region at the moment.

To be honest, I did not know about the Azov Sea until a few months ago. I thought, unjustified, this was a part of the Black Sea. Just as easy you can do that with countries, I thought while walking along the beach. Is it an individual country? Is it a province? Is it a sea? Or a lake?

UKR geelblauw

You see yellow and blue all around the country. Garden fences. Walls. Advertisements. Whatever. Not being coordinated by the government. Own initiative, personal or business.
A young nation looking for identity. The easiest way to try to catch that is by using the colours of the flag. It’s a way to contribute in a restless time. It’s a way to support a vision, a direction. And unfortunately it also is a form of nationalism.

UKR tasjes

For the first time in my life I saw a show especially for pastic bags. Bags with brands. With flowers. Cars. Fruit.
You can buy them in packages of a lot. But why?