Soccer, Terrace

UKR voetbal
It’s hard to imagine:
PSV Eindhoven plays a home game in Rotterdam. Oh no, not.

In Ukraine this is more or less the issue. I wanted to visit the local FC of Mariupol tonight: FC Illichivets. And what happens? The home game is over 600 kilometers away in Odessa. Safety… How to support them now?!

UKR barretje terras
I am at probably the most polluted terrace ever. I can see the green between the railway tracks, and the red factory buildings of Azov Steel. The terrace is full of special types that yell at each other from table to table. There are stray dogs and plastic cans of beer.
A boy runs around with a big toy gun. An old man with a beard wears a captain’s head . Fake.
Inside the bar it’s empty.  A tap and a counter for gum, ice creams and glorix cleaner.
The air is thick and filthy.