fulco treffers: july 24
No man’s land

UKR military map (1)

During a conflict, a war, you have a border that frequently changes position. The exact track of the border is not fixed, and both camps take strategic places on both sides of this border. But actually it is not one border, but two.
In the Ukrainian war we have the pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian army.

Their borders are two parallel lines, with a distance of about 10 to 20 kilometres. Between those parallel lines there is a no man’s land. A zone that belongs to none of the sides, and is not defended. A zone where people live, estimated 1000 tot 1500 people. These people have nowhere to go. Shelling from both sides. To leave their houses is a big risk of plundering.

And most of them are farmers so what to do with the cattle and the crops?

And maybe you will get a roof in a safe place in a town you do not know?

What do you do as a farmer in a big city? What will you build or grow?

So most of them just decide to stay…What would you do yourself in such a case?