wot tak

Сolleсtiv wot tak (Germany) consists of 4 members — Anna Bajanova (Kyrgyzstan), Martha Dyachenko (Ukraine), Mitya Churikov (Ukraine) and Eric Zapel (USA). The group specializes in developing a social and architectural projects in the area of renewable energies, and applying them in the real world. In particular, kollektiv wot tak is interested in the concept of autonomy. Complete or partial autonomy implies individual or collective independence from external entities or resources. This autonomy can facilitate the overcoming of volatile periods in the development of society caused by inflation and deficit in crisis regions, where there is always damage to the communication systems, the delivery of food and fuel. In particular, the researchers want to focus on a model house in Mariupol. They will develop a series of innovations that will allow residents to cover their own basic needs for food and fuel, to reduce heat loss in the cold season and to prevent overheating of buildings in summer. The authors emphasise that all developments are low-budget, and that common household items are sufficient to implement them.