fulco treffers: july 29
The New Police

UKR selfies policeThe most positive thing in present politics seems to come from Georgia. In June the ‘new police’ has been installed. Nobody can stop talking about it. And only positive.

The new police is young, fit, friendly, and is about 40% women, and both men and women are beautiful, without exception. They have new uniforms and cars. And the best: they broke with the corruption and they really take action on criminality.
It is very popular to make a selfie with the Ukrainian police. And yes, of course everybody laughs about the good looking police men and women, but all Ukrainians are more than glad about this new police.

The former police department has been put aside as a group. There are discussions about other jobs for them to do.
The person behind this success? Eka Zguladze. Former minster in Georgia, now deputy interior Minister in Ukraine.

She has made some major reforms in Georgia as well and has chosen to leave now pro-Russian Georgia and start again in Ukraine, just like former president Micheil Saakasjvili who is now mayor of the Ukrainian city Odessa.

The reforms they have both made in Georgia have had huge influences on welfare in the country. Many people in Ukraine look at that situation with disbelief and a lot of respect. And therefor for many people these two foreign politicians are the biggest hope for current national politics.