AU Diary: JULY 14
Back to Kyiv


After returning to Kyiv we have set up our studios for work at IZOLYATSIA.Platform for cultural initiatives where we will be based here for the next two months. Nevertheless the AU schedule remains intensive.


Three lectures / talks were hosted today. The first one – “What borsh do you prefer? Vinnytsia’s approach to transformation of its physical environment” was given by Urs Thomann, an urban planner (born in Switzerland and since 2012 lives in Ukraine) who shared some strategic points in the development of cities.

The following lecture by architect Oleg Drozdov was on “Post-optimistic landscape” and talked about the transformation of cities taking Mariupol as a reference. Finally Katharina George (Berlin) talked about “Conversion of former industrial sites at waterfronts into residential, recreational or service areas” and introduced some examples of redevelopment of waterfront sites — a subject which is relevant for IZOLYATSIA, whose location near the Dnipro river requires future transformations.