au diary: august 15


Keller Easterling is an architect, writer and professor at Yale held a lecture Extrastatecraft, in wich she described repeatable formulas and spatial products, that make most of the space in the world.


Ms. Easterling told that, now, not only buildings but also entire cities have become spatial products that typically reproduce free zone world cities like Shenzhen or Dubai.

“Space has become a mobile, monetized, almost infrastructural, technology, where infrastructure is not only the urban substructure, but also the urban structure itself. Some of the most radical changes to the globalizing world are being written, not in the language of law and diplomacy, but rather in the language of this infrastructure space. Massive global infrastructure systems, administered by mixtures of public and private cohorts and driven by profound irrationalities, generate de facto, undeclared forms of polity faster than any even quasi-official forms of governance can legislate them”, – Keller Easterling commented.

Acording to her, infrastructure space, with the power and currency of software, is something like an operating system for shaping the city. Exposing evidence of this infrastructural operating system is as important as acquiring skills to hack into it, and infrastructure space tutors special approaches to both form making and political arts.