Amazing summer and the hard work

The 8 week residency program has come to completion with the opening of the pop up exhibition. This concludes the first phase of the programme and presents the initial findings,  idea concepts and thinking developed through this period.

The intense time spent in Kyiv with study trips to Mariupol has had a fruitful outcome. The projects have been well received and constructive feedback has prepared the residents for the second phase that will see some of the key ideas being implemented and realised on site in Mariupol.

The pop up exhibition will travel to Mariupol in October to gather feedback and reflections from the local community. This is a part of the design process, that will allow the projects to be strengthened and adjusted.

Throughout the next year residents will develop their projects for the conclusion of the residency in the summer of 2016. Stay tuned for updates, articles and more.

Thank you all for the amazing summer and the hard work to make Mariupol a city that truly inspires.

AU team.